Sunday, June 21, 2009

Samsung Mp3 Recorder Review

Dear Samsung,

I am penning you this letter not out of grudge. Rather, I need to remind myself as a lowly being from the bottom of the food chain, I can never afford your products.

Your Mp3 recorder sold at around RM200, seems to be reasonable. With a little catch.

In order to transfer sound files to and fro the computer and MP3 recorder, there is the software Emodio attached. Emodio works, only with licenced version of Microsoft Windows. Which means, low-lives who use pirated Windows can never install emodio therefore, end up with an almost useless MP3 recorder.

Unless, these low-lives buy an MP3 recorder with the sole purpose of recording their own voices for the sake of narcissistic pleasure of listening to their own sweet voices.

Assuming a person could be so narcissistic to the point of wanting to hear only his own voice, surely he would prefer to make his voice coming out crystal clear from Winamp...he would still have to cough up another RM500 to buy the Windowns licence.

Ah...Samsung is a henchman of Microsoft. Support Samsung, you are stuffing more $ into Bill Gate's obese wallet.

Yours who almost puke in disgust,


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