Saturday, March 07, 2009

How to Watch Movie "Free" Online - Streaming

Incredibly loads of trashy websites on this topic, infected with bugs that kept my norton antivirus on constant alert.

I try to brainstorm with flesh and blood for an effective keyword. Then I read about this 7-year old girly fan who asked Pattinson to bite her.

*Eyes heavanwards - "Mamma! Girls these days..."

I typed: "how to watch twilight online", found info on that leads me to

What ehow does not have time to mention, let me add salt add vinegar here ha ha:

Why I prefer streaming to downloading a movie. Last week, my little student told me, " Dad's downloaded bugs from online movies and his computer crashed." Buffering is a pain in the asparagus but I'd rather play safe.

There are 4 alternate links on, each are of different quality and nature of service.

1. blurry brown colour picture quality like muddy water. I skip this.

2. than zshare with chinese subtitles which distract my concentration on the dialogues. Forever buffering.

3. picture quality. I absolutely have no patience for this buffering business so I went to sleep and was hoping to replay the whole thing in the morning only to find out they don't allow an immediate replay, have to wait another 52 minutes or, I can pay them.


4. minus the annoying subtitles. The buffering is tolerable.
They divide the movie into part 1 and part 2. They chopped the movie at where the twilight couple lay on the beautiful grass looking into each other's eyes. The mushiest moment when both look the hottest. Nice cut.

That's my first free movie online, yay.

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