Sunday, March 08, 2009

Unusual Home Remedy for Cough

This is according to Philip.

A friend of his has been coughing for months. He visits doctors and specialists, taking medications - nothing works.

Philip notices one detail: His friend's cough is caused by itchiness in the throat every night.

Philip has an idea.

He gives his friend one pill. The next day, his friend reports the cough is gone like 50%.

So Philip gives his friend a second pill which, gets rid of the cough.

Can you guess what he prescribed?


Philip's theory was : since his friend also feels itchiness at the anus, the worms must have traveled up to the throat and cause itchiness there as well.

He gave the same pills to another lady friend with the same problem and she coughed worms...

Doctors will laugh at this.

Well, if your butt and throat itch at the same time and you eat out most of the time...where cooks don't seem to wash their hands properly after using the toilet...well two de-worm pills only cost around RM14.

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