Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Most Famous Italian Saying, I Bet

"Gallina vecchia fa buon brodo"

An old hen makes good broth. Only this one is mentioned by both commentators and I often read Italians quoting this saying.

I received two versions:

1. L'età non è tutto se la persona è buona.

Age is not all ( there is ) if the person is good.

2. l'interpretazione ormai invalsa per questo proverbio è di natura strettamente sessuale: le donne mature riservano più gradevoli sorprese a letto di quelle giovani. Di solito pronunciato proprio dalle donne mature, in competizione con le più avvenenti donne di giovane età.

I don't know what is "invalsa" so can't figure out the initial part, I think he meant this saying is more of sexual in nature: mature women reserve more surprises in bed than younger ones. Usually this is typical of older women to compete with the more attractive women who are younger in age. Personally I think Italian men love to use this saying to flatter all women. Italianos want to sapu all women young or old.


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