Monday, February 02, 2009

Ouch! Dining with a Multi-Tasker

It was a blue moon mighty Google made a spectacular blunder of telling everyone "Hey, your website is full of malware!" After the scare was over, Poverina wanted to celebrate the vindication of her little websites, also to soothe her shattered nerves.

She gave honourable mother a buzz : no need to cook dinner, let's go for pizza and pasta 50% discount at Jesselton Hotel.

Two situations developed after Poverina hung up.

One this side, Poverina looked forward to take her sweet time savouring the funghi soup, eating spinach ravioli one by one, picking items from the insalata one by one - tortoise speed as she does every day.

On the other side of the phone, honourable mother phoned her two grandsons to tell them she's treating them pizzas, phoned her buddy Ah May to tell her she could give her family a lift out to buy dinner, then she rushed home to pick up her couch potato husband who was sulking that day and didn't want to go out with her.

While waiting for the grandsons to get ready, honourable mother thought it would be a good idea to bring the maid along since their parents are not home: the maid could feed the younger boy while we all enjoyed pizza.

Well, Jesselton Hotel's discount was valid between 5pm-7pm. By the time Poverina found out the extra arrangements, there was only have one hour left for discount hour.

So Poverina hurried through the menu and ordered funghi soup, a large pizza, seafood insalata, lasagna, ravioli and minstrel soup.

As Poverina was starting on her last dish the minstrel soup, Ah May's two sons were getting hungry for dinner so Ah May phoned honourable mother to budge her. That bolted honourable mother out of her chair. She told the maid to shoo the grandsons to the car and left Poverina to occupy a table for five shoveling soup into her mouth as fast as a tortoise could manage. Poverina finished in haste not knowing the taste of all the exquisite Italian dishes. Then she grumpily hopped into honourable mother's car.

After taking her grandsons home lightning speed. Honourable mother said Poverina had to come along with her to pick up Ah May and family as she was dreadfully late.

Well, remember the bowl of minstrel soup? While waiting for the chicken hawker leisurely chopping up chicken pieces for a long line of hungry customers with Ah May at the end of the queue, the soup reached Poverina's bladder...expanding...fidgeting...

The greatest regret was, as Poverina was shoveling minstrel soup into her mouth her eyes caught sight of "Black Ink Risotto" on the menu board. AHHHHHH THAT WAS IL PIATTO CHE VORREBBE ASSAGGIARE TANTISSIMO. She was too stressed to take note of the menu.

This post serves to remind Poverina to stick to roti canai when eating out with honourable mother.

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