Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review of Places You Pay to Pee in Kota Kinabalu City

The public toilets are excluded from this review because their function is obvious so I cannot "tambah cuka tambah garam" to that.

20 sen - standard

Wisma Merdeka
Centre Point
Sabah State Library KK
Kompleks Karamunsing

Nothing laudable. Just a place to pee. I would say the hygiene standard is equal to toilets in the Philipines. Hmmm except in the Philipines I have one additional problem - Some toilet doors are too short and small for my 166 cm frame. So very shy, the other ladies waiting outside can see above my shoulder as I do my business inside the cubicle.

I really benci the toilet ( SINGULAR, I emphasize singular ) in Kompleks Karamunsing, they only have one at one end, so when I happen to pamper myself with Japanese food at the other end, I have to walk so farrrrr just to wee wee. Dunno why Karamunsing so stingy only make one toilet.

50 sen - deluxe

Warisan Square

All the elite class of KK jalan-jalan there to show off their designer's baju and bags. The toilet also look high class from the outside and the price. The one and only time I visited the loo there was a long queue plus no water. You don't necessarily get better service by paying more.

RM1.00 - U must be joking!

Central Plaza

The Joker opens this place after retiring from Batman series. See the colour of the building, exactly like the Joker's taste. They charge each car RM1.00 for multiply entries each day.

Lone-ranger like me who go to Giant to buy a few things then need's like paying RM1.00 to pee-lah. They don't collect at the toilet, they collect at the parking booth outside. For this price, a family which came in with a van loaded with people untung-lah. Some more the students from nearby KK High School and people living in the Kepayan Ridge flats right opposite can simply walk in and pee for free.

I swear that must the Joker's logic.

RM5.00 above - Cinemas

Golden Screen
Palm Square Cineplex
Cathay Cineplex

It's only fair the cinemas take care of their patrons toilet needs. Cathay Cineplex however is very stingy with their toilet. Their toilet is outside the auditorium. After the show ends, the staff block the exit that leads to the toilet. They drive the patrons like sheep through another door. My first visit there IS the last.

Free - Not the bush!


Free entrance. Free parking. Free toiletS. ( Plural, yes I emphasize the PLURAL )

My worst pee-ing adventure here.

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