Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Public Bank Visa Electron


Public bank phoned me recently to inform me they need to reissue my debit card for security reasons. Reissuance no fuss. The catch is they did not tell me that I have to fill in two sets of online forms in order to carry out online transactions. They give MISLEADING instructions on the forms then they punished me by locking my card for filling in the form incorrectly. When I called their customer service, the lady on the other side of the line in KL was VERY RUDE and in effect scolded me for not answering her questions properly before mercifully unlocking the card.

The Virtual Landmines

Credit Line - The online instructions gives you bullshit when they tell me to leave this section blank for debit card. Actually, you have to fill in six zeros. ( This one the public bank customer service lady scolded me )

IC Number - This one you have to remember whether you gave your old or new IC number to the bank. The Dowager in the customer service insisted on my old IC number and scolded me for not providing it on-the-spot. When I came back to the darn online form to fill this section, I have to fill in my new IC number pula.

Mother's Maiden Name - I followed bulat-bulat and filled in my mother's maiden name. This one I kena scold teruk. I die also don't know why. I didn't fill the details for the new card so I don't know the bank people have filled in my mother's FULL NAME. The Dowager said I should remember this one mah based on the old application that I submitted ages ago. Initially I thought this is a secret question to help me remember my PIN but I found out the hard way they want the name of the woman who squirted me out of her uterus.

"Anything else I should know?" - The garang Dowager said none. Then I found out I don't know how to fill in the personal message. Public bank expects all customers who make online transactions to be geeks. Ptuiii!

My Opinion

Public bank never educates me on how to conform to their system and chastised me for the ignorance they themselves created.

In real life their service is wonderful ( again albeit unfriendly ). In the virtual world their service absolutely sucks. Many users are as confused as me, until this geek finds it necessary to create a tutorial just to teach people how to fill in Public Bank's online form. Good job, Melz!

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