Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kundasang Holiday 5: Lunch in Nabalu. Whack! Meow...

I am getting quite fade up with the ugly shops in Kundasang. A poverina does not expect posh settings. With beautiful, beautiful surroundings here, all you need is just cleanliness, neatness, throw in a few plants and a little creativity even a pondok can become a charming little eating place.

So I thought hmm finally someone is creative enough to build an outdoor platform centred around a massive tree in Nabalu. From the white dining tables, I can have a 270 degrees panoramic view of the Crocker Range. If I pretend not to see the pretty tudung ladies there, I am in Switzerland.

( Wah, only pay less than 50 Ringgit bus fare from KK to the Alps and lunch in a quaint setting for less than 10 Ringgit. )

I order stingray curry rice and smug and smug and smug...until the food arrives.

Eh, how come the fish is not stingray one? Hmm the stingray has become ikan kembung. Some more this kembung attracts endless hordes of flies around me. It's a feat sitting daintily to feed my ravenous stomach and waving at the flies simultaneously.

"It's the fly season, we can't help it," the waitress smiles apologetically as she brings me a tiny candle - a futile means to ward off the flies.

The kembung also attracts something else.

A scruffy cat comes to my feet. The problem is I have a very soft spot for cats and they divine it. One wave, one bite and one shoo...with each shoo, the cat becomes bolder and almost jumps onto my lap. But I was determined. I finished two helpings of rice with that limpid kembung curry. I was too hungry from walking around cool Kundasang.

The coolness, the walks and meals that turn into war-zones. No wonder I sleep like a log there.

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