Saturday, December 27, 2008

Does This Insomnia Home Remedy Work?

Here's one incredible sounding natural home remedies:


"The fresh stems of groundnut plant, take the tip part 30 grams. Make a decoction with 150 ml boiling water. Consume one hour before going to sleep. Do this for 2-3 nights and you will see improvement. Continue to do this for another 10 nights for better results." - adapted from Chinese Traditional Medicine Dictionary.

Thank you, Mr author for sharing with us an affordable way to ward off insomnia. This is 5000% cheaper than inhaling lavender essential oil, whole body massages, home spa bath and countless rip-off merchandises proliferating in this ugly city.

But you know, there are two tips to the ends of a groundnut plant: one towards the leaves and another towards the roots. Which one?

I am having insomnia meditating on the tips of groundnut stems now.

0 _ O

See that's my eyes throughout the night.

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