Friday, December 19, 2008

Home Remedies for Hangovers

A woman who is a great drinker - not to the point of checking into Alcoholic Anonymous - but to the point of becoming an expert of home remedies for hangovers, is certainly not a poor woman as I am.

I was enjoying my evening brisk walking at the ugly Rainforest Park when the outdated Nokia rang : honourable mother asked me to give Sofia a lift home on her behalf.

"Where is Sofia?"

"At your sister's saloon, fixing her hair."

"Is she done yet?"

"Yes, she is."

Twenty minutes later, I had Sofia inside the Kancil with a dented bonnet.

"Could you take me to Sunshine bakery at Beverly hills to collect a black-forest cake? It's for a friend at a party tonight."

The 'friend' was a seventy-year old fish merchant loaded with bucks. He gives her fresh fish from his own trawler from time to time. She calls him ' kai ye '. She's in her twenties and he's not her sugar daddy. So I was curious, what made them click?

"How did you become acquainted with your kai ye?"

"Oh it was a long story." This lady is never straightforward. -_-

"Make it short. Did you meet him here or somewhere else?"

"Well...we met at a drinking place."

"Ah. you are drinking buddies."


The dented bonnet Kancil turned into Jalan Bundusan, clumsily.

"So tell me, how do you deal with hangovers?"

"Take hot tea."

" I heard you can make a sort of ginger drink as well."


"How do I fix the ginger drink?"

"Crush fresh ginger roots, add water and boil it"

"Okay, but I think this ginger hot drink is too spicy for my tongue. Any other choices?"

"Take lime drink, cold or hot."

" You can also drink honey." She added.

She assured me these remedies had been effective for her. I doubted if I would have the chance to verify her remedies as half a glass of beer is enough to make me intoxicated and red-faced. That's why I can never win over friends who gladly pay for my hair-saloon bills, sauna bills, massage bills etc, etc. like her.

Oh, but I surely wish for a constant supply of super-fresh fish, free-of-charge.

*A home remedy for hangovers poverina read from Herbal Emissaries : Eat the fresh stems and young seedlings of Chinese rhubarb. This is the Chinese traditional way of sobering of a drunkard. Remember not to eat too much and only the young plant, because the old plant is poisonous. Good luck.

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