Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Do You Call The Thingie You Dig Out From the Nose?

Dear Blog,

Even though I call my nephew "little monkey", he is a 10-year old boy who is trained to like cleanliness. Last week when he joined my tuition class, I asked him to sit next to an 8-year old lazy bum.

After a while, my little monkey put his pencil case as a barrier in between him and his neighbour. I asked him why? He pointed to the lazy bum who was leisurely poking one finger into his nostril, fully indulged in the pleasure of nose-digging.

"What? He's only digging his own nose, not yours." I said.

"But after that he uses his dirty finger to poke me," little monkey protested.

Taking his cue from our dialogue, that little lazy bum leisurely pulls out his finger and poke little monkey's arm.

"Yucky!" my little monkey recoiled in disgust.

I had to tuck the lazy bum to the furthest end of the table. Personally, I think he should eat up whatever he dug out and lick his finger spick and span. What am I saying? He's been eating the harvest from his nostrils - in a quiet blissful manner unlike another boy who scrawled lots of f*ck words illustrated with middle fingers on my walls.

That boy whom I shall call rich brat, digs vigorously into his nostrils then transports the offending finger slowly into his mouth to suck passionately, savouring every ounce. He makes this such a noisy affair that the whole class was attracted to his peculiar culinary taste, amidst "Ewwwws" and "yucksss". Oh, he also makes it a point to eat MORE whenever his classmates express revulsion. Without a doubt the rich brat has a healthy appetite. Going to Hyatt for buffet is a routine for his family so I have no regrets he sneers at the humble biscuits I offer the kids and prefers his own biological product.

Oh my, did I just say that rich kid has HEALTHY appetite?

"Eating the stuff you dig out from your nose is good for your health," Jun - a little nerd in my class told me seriously. He proceeded to quote a research article which he read in a magazine to substantiate his statement.

The nose-diggers eat more enthusiastically after hearing his comments.

Anyways, what Jun said made me wish that Mr Leon, the snout prodigy were a real person instead of a brilliant story written by Manisha. I would love him to tell me all about the nostril goodness.

Would be useful point to ponder when a poverina is low in food supply.

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