Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Lip Gloss This Week

Dear Blog,

My lower lip is slightly cracked, painful! The one and only tube of juicy-fruity brush-on lip gloss in the bath room, I dare not use. My most uncooperative student who always makes excuses to kill his time in the toilet had laid his hand on the poor tube, squirted the delicious cherry flavour content on the bathroom mirror, tap and sink from what I can see. I am suspicious that the lip-brush had also been rubbed on the toilet bowl against its will.

This boy stained my floor, bathroom sink and my beloved bathing sponge with ball pen blue ink. He spilled black ink when he tried to write Chinese calligraphy against my prohibition. He also scribbled ink on the beautiful glossy poster which I use to teach names of flowers. Coming to think of it, the steel folding chair I assigned to him which he always folds and unfolds is near the brink of becoming unfit to be sat on.

Of all these deeds, if I did not catch him red handed, he denies vehemently. His mother puts faith in his words. So I have no intention of pursuing further the latest untimely destruction of another useful item. Awww, why this has to happen at a time when I am too busy to shop for another lip gloss?

Two days later, I dismiss all my classes. Yeah, I am taking a fortnight break and got myself a new lipice. The hazel blush shade matches my natural lip colour perfectly. I can also think more sanely and discover that in the absence of lip gloss, I could have also gone to the back yard and pick aloe vera or get a slice of cucumber for the cracked lip.

I bury my first lip gloss the cherry tea. You will always be cherished for protecting my lips, for getting me compliments, for making me 5 years younger without the artificial cosmetic look! Tears~~

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