Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prawns on Wheels

I thought Santa Claus was coming to town. The way people flocked to a honking freezer vehicle. "What is Ko-Nelayan's vehicle doing here?" I wondered ," don't tell me they are selling fish here..." Dying to satisfy my curiosity, I approached the Ko-Nelayan vehicle and weee I was right! Blink* blink*

I have seen this kind of mobile seafood stall before- outside of Malaysia, of courselah - fresh, squeaky clean and save you the trip to the supermarket. Don't know why this country who always so kiasu never catch up with this clever little concept. Many stalls that sell seafood here smell pee pee for example the fish market in Sembulan and even the Giant in Central Plaza. Not only the place smells pee pee even the fish after I clean meticulously still manage to smell pee pee. Eh, don't tell me I should go to Tong Hing guarantee clean. You think everyone can afford to buy Norwegian salmon and tuna - the price covers my food bill for two weeks. A poverina has no choice but stick to whatever they can catch from Malaysian waters. To be specific, after they have sorted out the top quality seafood, sell to orang putih, Singaporean and tourists, then the lousy leftovers for us locals.

Ah...that's the friendly Ko-Nelayan fish salesman. They have only ikan siakap and prawns that day. Unfortunately by the time they reached my house, my neighbours had sapu all the fish and only one kilo of prawns left. Awww I was looking forward to fish. Apart from the smell, most fish they sell here are heavily coated with preservatives therefore they taste kinda queer.

Anyways I got my landlady to share the one kilo of prawns with me. The total cost was RM15 so it's like RM7.50 for each of us. Not bad for fresh seafood that comes to my doorstep. The fish guys say they come every Saturday. My honourable mother who is more reliable than RTM says the mighty Ko-Nelayan finally humbles itself to the commoners due to bad economy, they even sell at Bukit Padang. I must remember to follow the ikan car to Bukit Padang one of these days.

Non ridete, e' vero raramente abiamo una macchina che vende pesce, quelli gamberi fresci pago meno di 4 euro per un kilo.

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