Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Lost Faith in Bra Size Calculator

Dear Blog,

For RM600, Addidas can produce a pair of sneakers custom-made just for you. They use a special machine to scan your feet for the exact measurements. Granted, not everyone can afford this kind of price. At least, money can buy a solution for someone whose left foot is bigger than the right one. I don't believe in categorizing my feet as size 7, 8 or whatever numbers. This is just a system for the convenience of mass production. This kind of system makes life easier for sellers of footwear ; for feet that don't fit into this kind of arbitrary system, they are doomed to a life time of discomfort.

A woman, has an additional issue with the measurement of her bra. I am not talking about female species endowed with bra busting cleavage like my honourable mother. There are already many people who are happy to help them get the right bras. I read about one plus size woman who become very rich by selling plus size bras online. I envy ladies who can fit into big bras for this.

Mom kind of neglected me as I was growing up. I didn't get to eat enough so I ended up with what they call "a runway". That is not so bad as discreetly padded half cup and quarter cup bras can do a wonderful job in making my figure more womanly in a natural way. Besides I fear the long term effect of gravity and breast cancer more than I fear looking "flat".

Unfortunately, wearing bra is very distressing. No matter how careful the sales lady measure my bust line and my diaphragm line and the fact that anyone who is not blind can see what my cup size is...every single bra I purchase : wired bras, bras without wires, full cup, quarter cup, half cup, lacy, not lacy, with straps, strapless etc. - makes me so darn uncomfortable after one hour. I especially dread triumph bras. Yes, triumph can magically dress me up to kill. After five minutes though, I am suffocating and ready to take it off. I suspect I have odd measurements that don't fit into any commercialized sizes.

Sometimes, I wish that I were living in a community where I can go out bra less. But the fact is as long as my conscience is pinching me to show consideration for all the grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunties and kiddies by wearing bra, I have to suffer in silence whenever I go out.

If only Addidas can make bras the way they make their custom-made sneakers, sigh!

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