Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Window today

Thick layers of haze loom over bluish mountain ranges, completely concealing my beloved Mount Kinabalu today.

A tempestuous monsoon rain splashes for a while. I have to run to shut the window panes ... then water starts dripping down from the roof above the staircase prompting me to run for the mop.

At least water is not dripping onto my mattress this time. The land lady has finally hired a handy man to 'patch up' the roof last week, so I don't have run to save the mattress on wet days anymore.

Two nights ago we were blacked out during a storm. There was no electricity for about five hours, the land lady's household and my parents had to borrow candles from me. I used up all three packets of candles that I had always kept aside.

Today it's much better, no black outs. Beneath the veil of the night, there is a kind of faint red flow at the background. Then comes the rain again upon Kota Kinabalu city.

How I long to remove that grille at my window!!!!

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