Friday, August 11, 2006

His Window

Andrea always says that I am a net friend on the window desktop of his computer. He is one of the few that I trust to exchange webcams so I see his window and he sees mine.

He pulls the webcam towards his window after I tell him that it is not possible for me to visit Italy - he wants to show me a bit of his country.

At first I see unimpressive flat land dotted with shrubs and the Italian sky ( yawn ). After a few months a grader comes to construct a new road in front of his house. By now the road is completed.

I don't mind using the webcam when chatting with the Italians because, it is very difficult for me to perceive the emotions of a language that I know only technically. So it helps a lot if I can see the facial expressions. Minimizing anonymity and more eye contact is really, more interesting that mere text messages.

I would also like to put your mind on the right track that I have never done anything evil with my webcam. I make that very clear to Andrea from the beginning.

Anyway, I am comfortable with Andrea because I see his very cute younger son with him sometimes and once his wife comes in to give him a kiss. Also he always speaks warmly about his wife and family.

His Italian grammar stinks but he always tries his best to help me when I have problems understanding nouns. He would run to the other room to find a thumb tack to show it to me, when I cannot understand the explanation of it in Italian.

Once in a while, he jokes about having sesso selvaggio ( wild sex ) with me. Right after that, he puts on a serious face and becomes fully concentrated on his work. ( He designs on his computer )

He keeps lots of salacious photos of women in his computer. When I frown on them and remind him of his wife being around, he says that she is the exceptionally not jealous type. ( Really...? hmmmm )

He also captures images of his collection of female net friends via their webcams. It seems his favourite is that of a bosomy Indonesian girl who is photographed in bright purple bra. The snag is, after that she wears the typical head covering of Moslem women and he laments much about it.

This is how he rates me - at that time he is drawing contours. Higher hills have more contours and lower hills, less. He says it is easy to plot contours on my body - implying my bosom, as only a few lines will do the job. Then he takes out a magnifying glass, pretending to look very hard at me, and says that he almost cannot see the contours. ( Sob*) He is perfectly right, though.

Still, I am surprised that he somehow makes copies of my webcam images and shows it to me. After such remarks, I don't expect him to include me into his collection plus the fact that he does it without my prior consent.

I haven't smiled for two years, yet I am totally relaxed and smiling in his photos.

The last thing I expect from a guy who enjoys looking at other women is to bring out a vestige of self esteem in me.

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