Friday, August 04, 2006

From my Window

I appreciate having a window in my study room.

I have spent two years living in a dark room adjacent to a kitchen. There is a window but you see only the kitchen. I have to switch on the fluorescent even during day time. There is a tiny ventilator at a corner which doesn't help much with the ventilation. It's stuffy and hot even when it rains dogs and cats along with howling wind.

As early as seven in the morning, the land lady turns on the radio full blast until late afternoon. I have no way to run since I have to do most of my paper work at home in the mornings.

It's no use telling her to turn it down. Her household never leaves the sink and toilet clean for the next user- namely me. You can bring up the matter to them but the radio continues to be turned on full blast and the sink and toilet, remain unclean for the next user.

I am still in the same house but I have moved upstairs. From the window, I see rows of red roof tiles, blue roof tiles, mango trees, palms and then rows of verdant hills. Beyond the hills, lies the gem - Mount Kinabalu.

Finally, there is something to look forward to when a fresh day begins. And I also see Andrea's window...

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