Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beirut Connection

I am thinking of Beirut. How long and how much of black outs?

Here in Kota Kinabalu we know electricity will somehow be restored, without menacing Israelite bombs.

In Beirut where Miz lives, everything is uncertain.
What will happen to my Lebanese net friend?

Most of my lady contacts prefer privacy, so I use only her nickname.

Since the first bombings on the airport of Beirut,Miz has been on my mind. A week after, she came online and declared WAR ON LEBANON. We spoke briefly and after a few more times, I haven't see her then as I am typing this blog.

Miz is learning Italian as I am, and she is doing better than me. Sometimes we compare notes, she uses French dictionary for translation while I use English. We also discuss the difference between Italian mentality and ours.

I find her rather unusual: she is young, good-looking, well-educated, speaks five languages yet she takes the initiative to befriend me, who is her entire opposite. At her age, she should be more interested in talking to nice young men.

I pray Prince Charming shows up soon to get her out of bomb zone.

I gather from news reports that Israel has destroyed all routes out of Beirut, hopefully she's not stuck there.

I am not interested in political craps pertaining to the war in Lebanon, neither the ideology of Hezbollah nor Israel, because the result is able bodied men killing babies,children and women.

What is my gain from the net here? Miz. I don't want to lose her!

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