Saturday, July 01, 2006

Helpful Tools

Initially I relied heavily on translators. If you had used translators before, you would know how limited the actual meaning they can convey. At least they helped me to struggle with simple phrases and sentences.

Then I found a website service which displays all forms of verb conjugations by entering the infinitive form. This enables me to find the right words to express myself instantly. I spent many hours absorbed in studying the verbs this way and soon weaned myself off translators. I must say this is a turning point and I would highly recommend this website to anyone who is serious about learning Italian. You can find it at the side bar of this blog under " Verb Conjugation".

As for dictionaries, I prefer because it always shows the infinitives for all verb entries. If I want more depth, I use Garzanti . I celebrated my first anniversary of learning Italian by purchasing an Oxford published dictionary Starter Italian. So far, that is the only tool that I paid for :). I love the superbly explained grammatical notes especially on the intricate differences of personal pronouns - another milestone.

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