Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Here I am referring to the chat contacts who have rendered me assistance. I would divide them into three categories:

I started by chatting with people in the first category - who are willing to interpret Italian into English for me. Most of them speak at least five languages. There is a very friendly Argentinian woman, always ready to help me out, she speaks seven.

I register my first Italian nickname- with the help of Sandro, my first maestro. He is in his fifties, calls himself a communist; and his hobby is teaching others perfect Italian ( What a hobby, I must say...) I choose " disposable". The web translator translates it into " a gettare" ( to throw ) whereas dictionaries translate it as " usa e getta" ( use and throw ) Personally, I feel the translations are too literal. Sandro explains that " Da Gettare" applies to a person, bingo! He does this grudgingly though, as he disagrees with my choice. But, I like the way the Italians tease my nickname. They would ask me where do I dispose of myself so that they can come and pick me up or, can they recycle me :))) Prior to Berlusconi's downfall, the Italians in the chatroom said instead of me, they should be calling him " Da Gettare"...needless to say, this word is indelibly learnt.

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