Saturday, June 24, 2006


Why do I prefer to learn a language first? Why didn't I try to make money online instead? Well, making money will come later when I learn to be more web savvy. Being deprived of higher education, I can only try to work on limited resources and I feel that my linguistic ability ( although modest ) is my best asset. Somehow I am obsessed about proving this intuition right. Besides, for the sake of self esteem, it is better to start with something I am good at.

It is wonderful to be free to select the study materials that suit my interest. My nephew is eight years old and while I was reading one of his school books with him, we found a lesson devoted to a list of outstanding national athletes for the past five years, a detailed pictorial map guide to a complex built in honour of a patriot who killed a colonist...and may I also mention a long speech by a bank officer on the virtues of saving in banks? Boy oh boy!!!! I am so glad to enjoy learning at my own pace minus the propagandas.

I better mention that my choice has nothing to do with Italian guys who are still alive. Incidentally I do admire a few Italian painters, deceased 500 years ago. Nevertheless, I don't mind receiving tons of messages written with intense objective to impress, sometimes they come along with webcam invitations. These distractions have at least help me to get over the fact that Brad Pitt is no longer available. So, the guys is a fringe benefit but was and still not is, my motive.

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