Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Die Want Face Wedding


1. The bride's father borrowed money from your family to pay his wife's hospitalization bill not long before the big day.

2. Looking at the couple's wedding attire even if rented, cost a a few hundred bucks.

3. Your family attended the wedding reception because they're worried that there will not be enough guests to give ang-pows to finance the dinner.

4. The dinner caterer is also the MC.

5. Lights off to commence dinner. Waiters filed in following the cue music - ear splitting "Star Wars". When the "spaceship" landed on the table, the banquet hall is lighted, and I realized it's cold appetizers around a pineapple.

6. The pineapple is as hollow as a Halloween pumpkin, holes punched in the right spots to form the tropical "Jack o lantern" face illuminated by a candle.

7. They serve abalone as part of the appetizers- fake abalone. They also served shark fin soup, few strands of shark fins buried under thick corn starch.

8. The new couple cut the cake and popped champagne. The guests are served a cake morsel 1 inch x 1 inch and boozed on Carlsberg.

9. Entertainment was those Halloween pineapples flying out like Star War spaceships in the dark, followed by full blast karaoke music.

10.Everyone left right after dessert.

11.The invitation wrote" so-and-so and family". They ended with 40 extra guests, mostly children. Good Luck with settling the bill, folks.


Poverina couldn't help comparing to a wedding of her friends who were as broke as her. They invited guests for a simple ceremony and lunch at the Tanjung Aru Beach. Read carefully: just the beach, not the hotel. Most of the guests were sporting to dress up fit enough to attend an English High Tea - many ladies in tasteful floral dresses and wide brimmed hats. 15 years later, this couple are now parents of two hyperactive monkeys but the guests can never forget that romantic wedding at the beach.

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