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Poverina spent a whole month trying out a website that claims to provide automated content writing service called

The idea is to have a group of ghost writers helping webmasters to write content for an affordable fee, so affordable that a poverina can scrap enough pennies from her meager allowance to get a few articles written monthly but there are few problems she encountered...

1. She was not allowed to choose her writer. Out of ten articles she paid for, only two are usable. Even that the 'usable' articles are mediocre.

2. Writers do not adhere to her specific instructions. When she brought up the issue with the writers, they simply deny the fact and said their boss has checked the assignment and approved of the way they handled it.

3. Glaring grammar and spelling mistakes. That is okay, we are humans and we tend to make mistakes but...repeated occurrences? When poverina told the writer nicely there is such a mistake, the writer promise to fix it. When the article came back, the same mistakes are still there!

4. Writers are too lazy to do even the basic research. Of course they told poverina, they chose the writer who is knowledgeable in poverina's topic to handle her assignment.

5. Clients are not allowed to tell writers that their work suck.

Here are samples of a topic "Constipation Relief".

"Constipation is a conditional that happens to many people at some stage of their lives, when for various reasons, the frequency with which one goes to the toilet is reduced and maybe even stops altogether. Normally it should not be a reason for undue concern as the digestive system is quite sensitive and small changes in eating habits or in one’s environment can trigger the condition. Constipation relief comes in various forms that we shall look at in closer detail. But firstly let us briefly examine some possible causes.

Constipation can often be caused by stress and pressure in one’s private life or working environment, or in changes to one’s diet.

However, some people can be more prone to suffer from constipation than others. Pregnant women for example often suffer constipation during the term of their pregnancy. There are many changes that occur to the body during pregnancy including changes to the levels and the balance of hormones, and this in itself can cause constipation. Also, eating habits and diets are often changed to help assure the baby grows healthily, and this too can result in constipation. Finally of course there is the extra pressure and weight of the baby that in the latter stages of pregnancy exerts pressure on the bowel.

Travelling can also cause constipation because of the changes it can bring about in stress levels, and diet. Travel can induce dehydration, long periods of inactivity, and exposure to new and different surroundings. All of these things can be contributory factors.

Sometimes one’s lifestyle can be the culprit. In today’s world, life is often lived at a hundred miles an hour, full of pressure and stress, bad diet, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise, any or all of which can lead to constipation.

It is however very important before seeking constipation relief to establish what the cause is, otherwise any possible relief or remedy may be unsuccessful because the cause is still present.

Take for example the case where constipation is caused as a result of stress experienced at work. It could be that one has a demanding boss who constantly exerts pressure and who is never, ever satisfied. It may not be possible to change jobs, especially in this time of economic downturn, and so you have to suffer the discomfort and the inconvenience of the constipation that it causes. Constipation relief is the only answer in this sort of circumstance. The constipation will unfortunately return again, but the constipation relief will at least help you to go to the toilet from time to time.

Most constipation relief treatments are based on the natural plant extracts Senna, and Aloe, whilst other natural remedies include figs and prunes. These are mostly oral remedies and work within hours of being ingested.

Lack of Fiber is another common cause of constipation, but one that is easily remedied once the cause has been indentified. In this instance, installing a high fiber diet, eating your five portions of fruit and vegetables each day and drinking plenty of liquids (water is best, approximately six to eight fluid ounces) should get a return to normal regular bowel movements.

In cases of prolonged or chronic constipation that refuses to respond to treatments and changes of diet and or lifestyle, a visit to the doctor is recommended as the constipation could be a sign of some other illness or condition."

Poverina's comment: Poverina did all the research for him and he ended up copying like 90 per cent of her write up and still make grammar mistakes. Then she asked a second writer to do the same topic:

"Constipation Relief can mean different remedies, depending on the cause of the constipation. It also has different meanings for different people because some think it means hard stools that are hard to pass or involve straining, which can cause other problems, such as hemorrhoids. Others think it means infrequent stools, but whatever meaning you relate it to, it is important to know the cause before you can fix the problem.

First of all, the number of bowel movements decreases with age. The other thing is that constipation can alternate with diarrhea and it could be irritable bowel syndrome. A more serious condition is fecal impaction which can cause blockage. It is important to know the cause of the constipation, since it can be a symptom of something more serious. Also, the best constipation relief for you may not work for somebody else.

If you have acute constipation, it could be a sign of a serious condition. Tumors of the colon can cause it and you may experience rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, cramps, nausea and vomiting or weight loss.

Another cause of constipation could be medications for pain relief such as codeine, oxycodone and antidepressants, anticonvulsants or iron supplements can also cause constipation. The remedy may not be as easy as changing medication and in many cases, you can't stop taking the medication, depending on the original purpose for taking it. You will have to seek a doctor's advice.

Sometimes, diet is to blame and a diet low in fiber can cause you to become constipated. Obviously, these are all different situations where you could have constipation and the constipation relief is very different for each one.

Having a tumor in your colon is a lot different than not eating enough fiber the day before. One involves surgery and the other requires a diet alteration by adding fruits, vegetables and grains. Obviously, in the case of medication, you will need to seek a doctor's advice. Too many people think the answer is a quick fix laxative to get you "regular" again. This can actually cause damage to the nerves and muscles in the colon and actually cause constipation.

Constipation is different in humans, dogs, cats and other animals. There may be some similarities if it is diet related. Fiber is a way to naturally push food through the digestive system and keep stools broken up and easier to dispose. Drinking plenty of fluids helps retain moisture in your system and your stools, whether human or animal.

The difference between humans and animals is that humans may voluntarily postpone the urge to have a bowel movement when they first get the urge, which can cause the stool to become hardened and makes it harder to push when they decide to go. For some, constipation relief means going at the first sign you have an urge.

In the case of animals, they go whenever the urge strikes and it is not a voluntary action. Sometimes, it may mean a diet change is needed, or it could signify something more serious.

As you can see, there are a wide range of causes, some very serious and some very temporary and minor. Knowing the cause of your constipation symptoms is important in knowing whether it is the symptom of a serious illness, such as cancer or a tumor, or something minor like dehydration from not drinking enough fluids. Finding the best constipation relief is dependent on getting to the real reason for the constipation."

Poverina's comment: Poverina has asked him to interview acquaintances to get story/experience to illustrate the importance of knowing the cause before seeking a relief. He's too lazy to comply, instead he's been nagging similar sentences like three times that it is important to know the cause of constipation to get an effective relief. This one, poverina didn't do research for him. Obviously, he didn't read about both cats and humans can be constipated due to autonomous nervous system disorder. Whatever he crapped about the animals are kindergarten stuff. Man! Paying for these kind of results made poverina constipated for a week. LOL

Verdict: Unique content cannot be bought for peanuts. Poverina doesn't blame the writers for not willing to put effort into creating content for her. After all, they only get like $5 - $12 per article, while poverina can earn many times more from their articles. This kind of service is not suitable for niches that has to provide solid information, it's more suitable for get-rich-quick-scheme, make-money-online, how-to-impress-the-opposite-sex kind of no-brainer niches. time when poverina has money to make a bimbotic website, she will return to!!!


  1. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Was just searching for reviews on and I happened on your site. Hilarious!

    Anyway, an interesting independent insight into the kind of service one should expect for the $5 cost per article.



  2. Anonymous2:18 AM

    I write for them and you're wrong. You can select specific writers. I only write for a small group of clients there since I have a national magazine column, another much higher paying client that keeps me busy and my own spec articles. I enjoy writing for the site because I get to interact with the clients and they've become old friends.

    I'm sorry about your experience but it doesn't sound like the site where I write. However, I do think that doing original research is a bit much for less than a penny a word. The author should have requested an upgrade to give you what you wanted. (That means you pay more for a more in depth article.)

  3. poverina8:32 AM

    Hey, are you implying that I am stingy?

    I tried out about six writers, tell them exactly what I want, OFFERED TO PAY EXTRA, ended up with glorious crap.

    Since I never have any luck with roulette system, I would rather go for other methods with higher probability of meeting a kissable writer like you, darling.