Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Unforgettable Incident for Nicole


I was growing white hair after reading your essay. Your topic was " An Unforgettable Incident" and you wrote...

*Let me draw a deep breath first*

You wrote about me as a clown in class. Then you dreamed about me. You must have watched a lot of cloud queen cartoons because you saw me with the cloud queen. Some evil character cursed me and turned me into Pegasus, giving you rides in the sky.


I do appreciate you trying to make an exciting story out of me though I am sure your teacher will mark your essay as " OUT OF TOPIC".

Then the unthinkable happened. Paveet put a dried gecko carcass on your shoulder.


Your shriek scared everyone in the class, including me. That effectively lifted the curse and transformed Pegasus into myself again.

True, the gecko mummy reduced you to tears. But poor Maljeev who sat next to you, was so shaken by your scream that he couldn't do simple multiplications and divisions.

Personally I think the gecko was a beautiful preserved artwork though I can also understand your phobia. Without a doubt this is the most unforgettable incident for you and I. I pray that you won't dream of dead geckos tonight.


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