Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kundasang Holiday 4 : A Bed of Roses - Not My Life

Roses are never meant for me.

I suffered from sunburn visiting these roses at Agro T Nursery. Couldn't go in the morning due to rain which was not over until 1 pm. The long walk out from Chris' house to the nursery is still pleasant. The sun was glaring but didn't feel the heat - that made me forgot about radiation and using an umbrella. Consequently my nose got the worst burn. Ouch.

Most flowers here are big.

I mean, bigger than the skinny versions in Kota Kinabalu.

Almost the size of my palm.

The hibiscus.

The tecomaria.

Even this purple allamanda.

Red roses are not my cup of tea. This one is bigger than a tea cup. 0 _ 0

I like the hybrids. I had to be careful while photographing these beauties, watching the water trickling beneath my feet. The workers were watering during my visit, every where was wet, wet, wet. Slap>>>>> Scratch>>>>>> Itch >>>>>>Scratchy>>>>>>>scratch >>>>>>I paid two ringgit entrance fee to feed myself to the mosquitoes here.

Awwwwww. White is my favourite. In fact flowers with any cool colours. If they can ever make a blue hybrid, I will go crazy over it.

Rose sono amate. Una poverina non รจ amata. Quindi non compro rose.

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