Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Draw Cartoon Characters

To a non-genius, how to draw cartoon characters is a lot of mental and intellectual preparation.

My drawing assignment this week is to portray one of the Bahasa Malaysia sayings " Ditelan mati emak, diluahkan mati bapa."

My little brain goes:

*What two difficult choices?

* What two difficult and humorous choices?

I see a burglar tip toeing up a rambutan tree...

The owner of the tree sends out his ferocious dog.

No, no...I'd make the dog more ferocious by going after the burglar's butt. Then Mr Snake who has a good life on the rambutan tree is awakened from a lovely slumber.

I am satisfied that the snake and dog have very unhappy faces. Now I can define the pencil sketches with ink.

Still toying with the notion: " Shall I make the dog chew his butt?"
"That'd teach you to steal my precious rambutans."

I decided to let go his butt. Now I can colour and scan it, show you the final results later. Muahzzzz a te.

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