Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dual Action Colon Cleanse

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Today I would like to meditate on the meaning of dual action colon cleanse. First of all the concept of colon cleanse itself is a controversy. Smart medical doctors say there is no such thing as fecal matter that accumulates in the colon for years until it becomes bigger or longer. Never mind the autopsy of John Wayne ( Yeah, they say it's fabricated ) and Elvis Presley ( Yeah, they say it was drugs ) and the operation of an Israelite man who ate too much pomegranates ( Yeah the accumulated poo couldn't be that big ). If colon cleanse is a quack notion, I wonder if these same doctors could explain how come many constipated folks can pass out so many incredible stuff after flushing their colons? Besides, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine support the concept of colon cleanse. I fear many Indians and Chinese are not going to be pleased.

Anyways, assuming colon cleanse can work some good. Then what is dual action colon cleanse? When I made myself the guinea pig of a Japanese colon cleanse - they say apart from flushing toxin, I am also consuming lots of friendly bacteria. The product I used did not say dual action but I guess that's the definition based on the similar functions an American colon cleanse describes itself, when using the term "dual action".

Dual action colon cleanse began to sound contradicting to my little brain when I come across one such named brand that claims to lose weight, improve skin and hair condition etc etc. Mamma ! At least don't name it dual action. I wonder if some American folks can enlighten me on how hot is the infomercial on TV albeit bizarre content, so much so that many folks are researching it on the internet. I wonder if these folks are trying to find out the quality or to verify stories of buyers complaining the company concerned charging their credit cards for products they did not order and not honouring their refund arrangement.

The brand name alone is enough to dissuade me to try out this product. But I believe as long as there are still people who say they are helped by this product, dual action colon cleanse will stay on for some time. After all it has created quite a name for itself.

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