Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yu Kee@ Hilltop

Breakfast - The fried rice is warm. The minced pork stuffing is home made unlike the ubiquitous disgusting commercial minced earthworm found in 99.0 % "economy" tofu. RM 2.00 for rice + tofu. Yu Kee is that shabby shop right next to Doctor Terry Huang's.

Lunch - The whole set is RM4.30. Except for the plain water soup which is lukewarm the other ingredients rice and dishes are cold. The salted mustard is well seasoned not over sourish like the universal acidic "salted" mustard. One part of the chicken was in the initial stage of decay. I think the cook dried the chicken carcass a bit long in the sun before frying. Overall, food here is cheap and fit for human consumption. One of the little oasis amidst "outside food hell" in this ugly city.

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