Sunday, July 10, 2011

Snacked in 1Borneo: Suxxxx

Just wanted something light coz nothing on the heavy side menus can tempt me. Sushi King yeah I know it's meh. Ordered soft shell crab handroll sushi. They gave some nice crispy crispy crab LEGS LOL at least the cucumbers are crunchy. Also ordered clam soup, but da soup came only when I am chewing the last segment of the skinny crab leg. I was thinking it is unlikely to go wrong to make anything out of a dashi stock, but don't forget cooks in Kota Kinabalu are incredibly lazy. Two of the skinny clams are darn sandy. A lovely dashi stock with sand Ha! Then saw a fabulous photo of nyonya pie tee at THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP. So trylah. Let curiosity kill this kurap cat lah. Sure enough the eight ringgit plate with four tiny hats is filled with the ubiquitous KK lazy formula=jicama and carrots only. Real nyonyas will vomit blood for sure,LOL. The two days old leftovers in my fridge taste better than these. Thank you for joining poverina's mini snack tour in the grandest life style mall in Sabah.

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