Sunday, December 19, 2010


Me eyes were getting dry as sandpaper. Family doc said it was infection so prescribed eye drops. After a week dripping the eye drops faithfully, the eyes became drier to the point of painful just blinking.

So no choice, had to smash piggy bank money to see Dr Kong & Co.

First obstacle is the electronically locked front door. Got to wave very friendly to the nurse to get the door opened then squeeze inside with a bunch of other anxious patients. Ushered to take photos of eyes by two don't know what machines. Incidentally an old chap next to me was screening for glaucoma. Darken my mood instantly.

Of course Dr Kong is forever not freelah, so have to see his partner. My honourable mother had to wait one year to see him. First thing is reading ABC and 123 eye test. That one we all know from Lau Fu Tze cartoon already.

Next, the eye doc zoomed into the photos taken earlier. He got the answer pretty quickly.

"See all these white stuff sticking on your eyelashes. These are dirt. They cause the infection. You need to clean your eyelashes first."

Oh, that was the first time I see my own eyelashes.

I am so darn ugly. One of my extreme ugliness is my ridiculously short eyelashes. So short until I myself hardly notice they exist. Since I can't even notice them, of course I wouldn't think of washing them, so they pile up dirt since my existence until full blown infection-lah.

Every time I need to see a doctor. I always make an effort to make myself extra clean so that the poor doctor won't feel yucky when he/she is obligated to touch me.

Now my eyelashes zoomed like 200 times until each dust is as big as a rock. The eye doc has a full, detailed and superbly clear picture of HOW DIRTY MY EYELASHES ARE. Man, this is as bad as a pap smear.

The bill was RM300++. I was broke as a church mouse so cannot visit this poor bloggie till now.

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