Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't Want to be a Superwoman

You expect me to know the answers to all the questions you ask. When I dig out books and search the world wide web and give 'em to you, you think it's as easy as a snap of the fingers for me.

When I cannot find the answers, you think I'm a failure. Coming to think of it, you don't even do the kind of research I have done.

( Likas Bay coastal highway is gorgeous. Those drivers zip zapping and forever ready to kiss me from the butt are annoying )

You gave me work of RM500 pay me only RM100, even then you always delay payment. For the same job you pay RM500 to another person who gives you a value of RM50. Yet, you expect me to be rich.

Whatever I do that is good, you never thank me. Yet when another guy performs the same deed, you set him on the pedestal.

Is there a paradise where people don't stigmatize me - because they expect me to be strong after year and years of emotional isolation, after me reaching out to them again and gain in vain?

( I see a glimpse of it on the left )

I am ready to be drowned here. Feed my brain to the monitor lizards so I don't have to solve your intellectual and emotional problems. This is where I can be stupid and carefree.

I want to have a reflection in the mirror. I would rather worry about not able to capture the spirals of winged creatures above the wetland with my dilapidated camera. I want to be mortal.

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