Monday, September 28, 2009

Distinctively Sabahan

Made it to the Donggongon Tamu this week. Kept telling myself: " Just three items, not more than that, don't want to stuff the landlady's fridge to the point of explosion-again."

Ended up with 10 items.

It's petai season, so have to grab one bunch. It's also tarap season. They cut your throats at Lido - RM7 for one tarap. In Donggongon, it's just RM1.50 for the same size. How to resist?

It's typical of me ...always buying more than I should...always pile the barangs into the car, dash to work treadmill, can never find the time to take them out until...

two days later.

-------- four monkeys in my car ------------------------

" It smells," my kiddie passengers wrinkled their noses.

" Yeah, it's tarap"

That's the end of issue for them. They were not complaining. Just asking monkey questions for the sake of asking.

I, the big monkey though, wish I could put an orang putih in my car at this moment.

I mean, the type of orang putih totally alien from Mars, in my car, windows all up.


---------------- disconnects evil tarap fantasies ------------------


It dawns upon me, a Sabahan has a penchant for:

1. Taraps. What pervasive ordour? We can live with it.

2. Tuhaus. It's a kind of wild ginger. A cross section reveals however, the likeness of a lemon grass minus the blade. I love it pickled, with fried fish. The ordour is as impressive as our dear Tarap.

3. Bambangan. Da bomb. It's the Mammy Apple or abricot in Martinique. It's a kind of mango almost the size of a bowling ball.

People who love durians may not like taraps, tuhaus and bambangan - especially bambangan. Once, I craved it raw. I bought the biggest bambangan I can find and brought it home.

The whole household turned against me instantly.

"What the heck is that?"

"It smells like hell!!! "

" Take it out!"

" I can't stand it!"

(Teary eyes)

You love my friend from Kampung Bambangan, but you don't love the fruit itself.

---------------My heart still bleeds at the tragedy --------------

What stinky food? These babies are legitimate VEGAN fresh from the jungle.

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