Monday, January 12, 2009

Two Small Pieces of Chocolate Cake

I hate to eat cakes.

All the cakes displayed in bakeries never interest me. I can't comprehend when Theresa told me:

" I drool at the sight of cakes."

As long as I am not eating cakes, the whole world can drool and enjoy theirs. The problem is, they don't leave me alone. A bunch of my lady acquaintances become obsessed with baking cakes. At parties, they always bake at least one and shove a big chunk to me.

Dear God, I cringe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They even bring cakes to the house and ask us to sample. Mama! I am not safe from DARN CAKES at the comfort of my own home.

I tell them politely I don't fancy cakes and just eat a little for diplomacy's sake.

To vent my distaste, I created a Yahoo nickname for myself : "Odio Torte".

Odio= I hate


Later someone hacked this ID, I must have incurred the wrath of many cake lovers. The hacker must have cast an effective curse on me as well because...

Many things go wrong in my life, the worst crisis is my takes away sweetness, and I am shrouded by

unknown fear,





One day, I found two small pieces of chocolate cake in the fridge.Helen made these cakes and asked her husband to deliver them to the house.

Helen does not know my feelings for cakes. She is busy. She has a full time job, a part time voluntary work, a husband, a six-year old boy and an infant. She and her husband divide their time to care for her father's emotional needs and his parents' emotional needs. Every month, I do not see them for a week when they visit his parents in Kudat.

Therefore, I dare not take her time, we ended up never knowing each other well. But it's obvious, she wants to give whatever little time she has to be a friend.

For once, I did not give away the cakes to my students. I ate them.

-_- ( Lots of endurance and long-suffering ) Somewhere along the masticating,

sweetness. Not sweetness of the detestable cake, it's the long-lost sweetness of life. But...

...Helen my dear,

Can I just have a cracker next time?

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