Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home Spa on Stingy Budget

My honourable mother's determination to enjoy spa at home is one of its kind.

She's not a poverina like me. ( That's another story on how she sees to that she's not at my expense ). She loves a lot of luxuries which I only dare to dream of. Once some MLM people talked her into buying this home spa equipment which costs more than RM5000. The apparatus itself is as noisy as a grass cutter. Since it has to be attached to a bathroom wall, the confined noise is mamma...

The wall apparatus is connected by a flexible hose to mattress which is attached to the bath tub. And mom's house doesn't have a bath tub. The two bathrooms in her house have the space to put your butt in front of the sink to wash hands, then one stride to the right side with just enough space to plant your butt onto the toilet bowl, then another stride again to the right side with just enough space to put your butt underneath the shower.

The option of buying a portable bath tub is out of question, obviously.

So...there's this rectangular covered water container they use in the kitchen to store water. The largest size is just enough for a person to squat inside. She put one next to the toilet bowl.

She doesn't have the kind of heater with the capacity to fill that container with hot water for the spa. So she boils two kettles of water on the gas stove. Ta-da!

Next item to take care of is to pay for the essential oils. She talked everyone in the household to try out her new spa toy. The main point of her preaching is: more spa, less medication, less side effects.

Even though I hated the noise, after one month of squatting in the container next to the toilet bowl, my menstruation cramps which has been a monthly nightmare is gone. My dad's feet which tends to swell as if he had elephantiasis during a gout flare-up shrink to normal size one day after taking a very hot pedispa. Usually he'd need an injection. Naturally I am impressed.

Being mother of course mom can discern my changed feelings for her spa toy and sigh...she also knows something that I don't - I have some extra money which is bonus payment from my insurance policy. She arranged for the bonus cheque and got me to install my own home spa unit. The commissions of the sale paid for her essential oils of a thousand ringgit.

I appreciate the benefits of spa at the comfort of my humble home at a fraction of cost. In fact , if I were not that lazy to boil two kettles of water, I can soak my self in the tub every day and let the water bubbles massage my whole body until I almost fell asleep. Dear blog, there's one secret weakness I am ashamed of: I used to shiver from head to toe at a slight drop in temperature . Now my body is so warmed up that as long as the air con doesn't blow right into my face, I can enjoy the coldness as most normal people do.

Sometimes mom pops by to use my bath-tub. She puts lots of essential oils into the tub until the water turns green if it's hayseed or yellow if it's juniper. After she's done, she would always tells me not to drain the water but keep it until the next morning so that she can come again, add more hot water and REUSE that pool of water. I am a cleanliness freak who shudder at the sight of that pool of used bath water and to have it around for more than 12 hours is distressing. I ended up telling mom not to save on essential oil because it makes the bath tub so dirty that I have to scrub it until my back aches.

Really, mom doesn't have to be such a scrooge because she takes the commission from selling the spa machine to me and she also takes the commission when I got a friend to buy it. But, she's not the stingiest of them all. The MLM people who sold this spa equipment and the essential oils beat her anytime. The commission is so lucrative it makes everybody I know in there covetous that you can't trust them even with one cent. If your house can accommodate a portable spa by all means get that.


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